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BTE will proudly present Fool For Love by Sam Shepard 


"This play is to be performed relentlessly, without a break..."

In Memoriam

In July of 2017, the world lost Sam Shepard, Actor and Pulitzer-Winning Playwright. Shepard was one of the most famous American playwrights of his generation. With plays like True West (1980), Fool for Love (1983) and the Pulitzer Prize-winning Buried Child (1978), he dismantled the classic iconography of cowboys and homesteaders, of American dreams and white picket fences, and reworked the landscape of the Old West into his own surreal expanse where nothing is as it seems. In Shepard’s plays, the only undeniable truth is that of the mirage. Today, Shepard is best known for his roles in films like The Right Stuff and the TV Show Bloodline. In honor of his passing, BTE will present Fool for Love this April.

"It is as mysterious and unsettling—now you see it, now you don't—as spare and, incidentally, as funny as anything he has ever done." —The New Yorker.

Nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1984 and a critical and popular success, Fool For Love brings searing intensity and rare theatrical excitement to its probing, yet sharply humorous study of love, hate and the dying myths of the Old West.

The setting is a stark motel room at the edge of the Mojave Desert. This room is occupied by May, a heartsick young woman in denial, and Eddie, her capricious cowboy lover. May and Eddie have a complex, love-hate relationship. Eddie is frequently away, whether for work or love affairs. May simultaneously misses him and never wants to see him again, but never can find the will to walk away. The desperate nature of their relationship is accentuated by the play's two other characters: a hapless young man who stops by to take May to the movies, getting more than he bargained for, and an old man, displaced from reality, who sits at the side of the stage commenting wryly on what he observes. Through the course of the play, we watch as they wrestle with their inner demons, their passionate love, and a curse from their fathers.


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